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A Brief History of the Family and the Formation of IMS

Following the Third World War, the nations of Earth began the long process of rebuilding. Though most damage occurred in the war zones (Europe, North America, and China), the destruction of the world's transportation network caused the effects to be felt all over the globe. Of particular significance was the loss of ocean shipping early in the war. Without the industrial capability to build and repair ships, trading fell to those nations and private citizens who had ocean-going vessels. Because of this, Japan dominated world trade immediately after the war, though others were able to prosper as well. One such person was Josepth Foxx, of Australia.

Born in Perth in 1951, Josepth was the only son of an independent trader and his wife. When not attending school, Josepth would accompany his father on their island hopping and coastal trade routes. By the time Josepth was twenty-five, he was captain of one of his father's coastal freighters. In 1984, Josepth's father passed away, and Josepth took over his father's position as owner of the company. In 1986, he wed Susanna Wilcox, who had been his close companion for several years. Soon, Josepth was father to two sons, John (1987), and Henry (1988). By the 1990's, Josepth had begun to expand his shipping to include the entire Pacific rim area.

The hostilities of the Twilight War did not pass by Josepth. His newest freighter, the Sarah Anna was sunk on its second voyage, on route from China to Australia. Throughout the war, Josepth kept his ships out of the war zones, doing most of his trade between South America, New Zealand, and Africa.

The end of the war brought great prosperity for Josepth as his ships stepped in to replace those lost by the warring nations. Josepth increased his area of operations and fleet size throughout the years. His sons joined him in the business, and when in 2017, he passed away at the age of 67; John, 30, and Henry, 29, took over their father's company, continuing in his footsteps.

The fuel crisis of the mid twenty-first century hurt the company as the dependency of tankers to transport oil declined. To compensate, John and Henry invested into other markets, including alternative fuels. At this time, the company made the jump into orbit, as the company open its first orbital factories.

Tragedy struck the Foxx family in 2063 when Henry, his wife Amanda, their two children, and three grandchildren died when the orbital shuttle carrying them collided with an unmanned satellite and exploded. Control of the company now fell solely to John, 76, and his son Russel, 48 (2015). Russel became vice president and served in that capacity for two years, until 2065 when his father passed away following unsuccessful cancer treatment.

It was Russel's son, Edward (2045), who suggested that the company be renamed Foxx Industries, in respect for those family members deceased, and also, to reflect the fact that the company was no longer just a shipping company, but a well established, diversified, international corporation. So, on 21 MAR 2066, Russel Foxx, accompanied by his wife, Cynthia Elisabeth, and his son, Edward, signed the documents that made it official. Foxx Industries was born.

In 2090, Russel stepped down and allowed Edward, now 55, to run the corporation. In 2067, Edward had wed Marilyn Ashcroft, who bore him one child, Mary Lee in 2070. Mary Lee wed Phillip Hankson in 2094 and had one son, Henry, in 2096. It appeared that Phillip would take over when Edward died, but in 2101, Mary Lee divorced Phillip and re-took her maiden name of Foxx. In 2117, Edward transferred control of Foxx Industries to Mary Lee. For the first time since the humble beginnings of the company, one hundred thirty-three years ago, a women had the helm.

Under Mary Lee, Foxx Industries continued to grow both in diversity and in size. In 2182, Foxx Industries opened up offices in New Canberra, the Australia colony on Tirane, in the Alpha Centauri A system. This new division was to be the responsibility of William Foxx (2124), son of Henry and grandson of Mary Lee.

Foxx Industries prospered on Tirane and began to look beyond at the new planets being colonised. In memory of the founder, William began to create an interstellar shipping division, much as Josepth Foxx had done in the twentieth century. It was destined to bring Foxx Industries into the exclusive club of megacorporations.

In 2147, William married Amanda Frye. They had three children, Michael (2150), Norman (2151), and Kimberly (2155). Kimberly went on to marry the son of the president of one of Foxx Industries' subsidiary companies, while Michael began the rise to power that would one day lead him to his father's position. Norman, a maverick with no real interest in the business at the time, entered the Australian military. He was to begin a tradition of Foxx men in the military.

In 2190, Norman's two sons, Phillip (2171), and Marcus (2172), entered into the Australian Space Forces and Ground Forces, respectively. In the tradition that their father had started, they chose the military.

In 2191, William gave up his position to his son, Michael, 44. He then committed himself to his dream and in the next ten years before his retirement, he established the beginning of an interstellar shipping subsidiary company.

In the same year, Norman, now 40, retired from the Australian military into a management position, in charge of Foxx Industries' Military Defence Division.

Michael married in 2177 and his wife, Kathleen Blythe gave them two children, Robert (2180), and Nathan (2183). The twenty-third century saw the beginning of the so called 'Second Age of Commerce' and was a very prosperous time for Foxx Industries.

The First Rio Plata War (2203 - 2207) again brought Foxx Industries into hostilities as several corporate owned vessels were detained or damaged while they plied the routes of the arms. This action was intolerable and the family members of Foxx Industries held several meetings to see how this could be over come. It was here, at one of these meetings, that Independent Military Services, IMS, was conceived, in 2204.

Norman Foxx, head of Foxx Industries' Weapons/Defence Division remarked that nations ran their ships in convoys with military escort vessels to deter attacks. Though intended as an idle comment, it brought the family to consider doing the same with their ships. "After all," remarked Robert, "we are a nation in all but name." Thus, it was agreed to test the theory. Those present were:

	Michael, 54, 	President, Foxx Industries
Robert, 24, Chief Adminstrative Officer, Foxx Industries
Nathan, 21, President, Interstellar Trade Division
Norman, 53, President, Weapons/Defence Division (inc. IMS)
Phillip,33, Commanding Officer, IMS Space Forces
Marcus, 32, Commanding Officer, IMS Ground Forces

In 2225, Michael, 75, retired, and his son, Robert, 45, became president, and Nathan became CAO of Foxx Industries. Two years later, Norman passed away and Phillip became head of the Weapons/Defence Division. Also that year, IMS became a corporate entity of its own, under the command of Marcus, now 55.

By the time of the Second Rio Plata War (2235 - 2237), Foxx Industries had created its own corporate military, and was no longer threatened by the wars and conflicts of the nations of Earth and their colonies.

Throughout the 'Second Age of Commerce', the sphere of Foxx Industries spread down the arms of human space. The 'Age' also saw a new generation of Foxx's. In 2205, Robert and Melissa (née Greenwood) had one son, Rupert. A daughter, Tamera, followed in 2210. Nathan was blessed with two sons, John (2209), and Gregory (2212). Phillip, son of Norman, had two daughters, Julie (2201) and Brenda (2203), and one son, Regginald (2206). His brother, Marcus, wed Madeleine Robertson and had two sons, Andrew (2200), and Mark (2202).

As Foxx Industries expanded, to Kimanjano in 2242, Daikoku in 2243, and Botany Bay in 2245, so did the duties of IMS. IMS located its main offices at Botany Bay and established offices wherever Foxx Industries went. Following the end of the Second Rio Plata War, IMS had become a regular part of Foxx Industries and was able to field forces in all military fields, as well as installation security forces and body guards.

In 2211, Robert's son Rupert, daughter Tamera, and wife Melissa perished in a natural disaster while on vacation in Canada.

In 2243, Nathan's son, John, took over as president of Foxx Industries from his father, who had taken over in 2210 from Robert. Nathan's other son, Gregory, became CAO in the same year. Phillip's son, Regginald, had not favoured military service, and had taken over the Interstellar Trade Division from Nathan in 2242. From Marcus's family, Andrew had taken over the Armaments/Defence Division (formerly Weapons/ Defence Division) from his father in 2232, and Mark went on to head IMS in 2233. Thus, by 2250, a new generation had taken over leadership of the family business.

During the years 2250 - 2270, Foxx Industries solidified its assets. Actual expansion was rather limited, and in 2264, a take-over bid was narrowly defeated. By 2270, the corporation was strong enough to go on again, this time led by the latest children of the Foxx line.

John wed Nicole Bloon in 2236, and had two children, Henry (2240), and Janice (2242). Regginald wed in 2228 and had one son, Norton (2232), and one daughter, Chantal (2235). Andrew had one son, James (2222). Mark had two children by Valerie White; Luke (2228) and Gwen (2231).

In 2270, Henry became president of Foxx Industries while his sister, Janice, took over the Interstellar Trade Division in 2274. Norton became CAO in 2260, at the age of 28. James took over the Armaments/Defence Division from his father in 2265. Mark relinquished control of IMS to his son, Luke, in 2267.

The Central Asian War (2282 - 2287) was to be the first time that IMS and other Foxx Industries personnel became directly involved in hostilities. Following an attack on a Foxx Industries convoy along the Chinese Arm, IMS launched a retaliatory strike against several Manchurian star vessels and ground installations. Though the casualties were heavy on both sides, it did cause other nations to respect Foxx Industries holdings. IMS also became involved with the concept of foreign units of one country serving others, much the same way that USMC units do. This allowed IMS to maintain its high number of combat veterans, and also proved very profitable, for Foxx Industries as IMS was openly competing with REBCO SAR, and had a solid reputation to boot. Foxx Industries prepared to usher in a new age of company prestige, along with a new generation.

Henry married in 2261, and had three children, Dennis (2263), Sylvia (2264), and Lance (2267). In 2300, Lance would become president of Foxx Industries. Janice died in 2287, and Dennis took over the Interstellar Trade Division at that time. Norton's son, Samuel (2261) became CAO in 2297. Norton had one other child, Rebecca (2259). James had two sons, Shaun (2247), and Matthew (2248). Matthew was lost in a ship accident in 2261, and was presumed dead. Shaun took over the Armaments/Defence Division from his father in 2287. Luke had one son, Douglas (2252), who took over control of IMS in 2294.

During the War of German Reunification (2292 - 2293), Foxx Industries publicly declared itself neutral and IMS withdrew its foreign service units from the nations engaged in the conflict. Having well established trade ties with both countries, Foxx Industries felt it was best to remain neutral.

Now, in the year 2300, a new century has begun, and soon so will another generation of Foxx's. The new century also brings the increased risk of war, this time against the warring Kafers. Foxx Industries is gearing up and IMS is preparing to defend itself, its commitments, and its nation -- Foxx Industries.

Time Line

1951 - Josepth Foxx born to an independent trader in Perth, Australia.

1976 - Josepth Foxx assumes command of one of his father's coastal freighters.

1984 - Josepth Foxx assumes command of Australian Freight after his father dies.

1986 - Josepth Foxx weds Susanna Wilcox.

1988 - John Foxx is born.

1997 - Australian Freight's ship, Sarah Anna, is sunk enroute from China to Australia.

2017 - Josepth Foxx passes away; John and Henry retain command of the company.

2018 - Australian Freight is renamed Foxx Freight.

2058 - Foxx Freight opens first orbital factory.

2064 - Henry, his wife, two children, and three grandchildren die in shuttle collision with satellite while enroute to Earth. Russel Foxx takes over as vice president from his uncle, Henry.

2065 - John Foxx succumbs to cancer.

2066 - March 21st, Foxx Freight is renamed Foxx Industries.

2070 - Mary Lee Foxx is born.

2090 - Edward takes over from his father, Russel, as president of Foxx Industries.

2117 - Mary Lee assumes control of Foxx Industries.

2151 - Norman Foxx is born to William and Amanda.

2169 - Norman enters into the Australian military forces.<

2182 - Foxx Industries opens up offices in New Canberra (Australia), Tirane,Alpha Centauri A system.

2191 - William Foxx gives control of Foxx Industries to his son, Michael. William then begins to create the Interstellar Trade Division.

2203 - First Rio Plata War begins. Interstellar Trade Division vessels detained and/or damaged due to hostilities throughout the war.

2204 - Independent Military Services, IMS, created to protect Foxx Industries interests. IMS to be a subsidiary of Armaments/Defence Division. Phillip Foxx to command IMS Space Forces, Marcus Foxx to command IMS Ground Forces.

2207 - First Rio Plata war ends.

2227 - Phillip becomes president of Armaments/Defence Division. IMS obtains autonomy from Armaments/Defence Division. Marcus Foxx to command IMS.

2242 - Foxx Industries opens branch office on Kimanjano.

2243 - Foxx Industries opens branch office on Daikoku.

2245 - Foxx Industries opens branch office in the Australian colony of Botany Bay. IMS head offices opened here at same time.

2264 - Foxx Industries narrowly defeats a hostile take-over bid, and begins campaign of solidifying its corporate position.

2282 - Central Asian War begins.

2283 - IMS conducts retaliatory strikes against Manchurian vessels and ground installations following an attack against a convoy of Foxx Industries merchant vessels.

2284 - IMS begins a troop exchange program with other countries. IMS and Foxx Industries experience new wave of respect and prestige.

2287 - Central Asian War ends. Shaun Foxx becomes president of Armaments/Defence Division.

2294 - Luke Foxx becomes commander of IMS.

2300 - Lance Foxx assumes control of Foxx Industries as president.


Originally founded in Australia (Earth/Sol/Core) in the 1970s, the corporate headquarters was moved to New Canberra (Tirane/Alpha Centauri/Core) in 2201 to reflect the interstellar nature of the company.

Branch offices have been established in all three arms of human space, beginning with New Canberra (Tirane/Alpha Centauri/Core) in 2182 - now the corporate headquarters. This was followed with the opening of offices in Kimanjano (DM +34 2342/French Arm) in 2242, Daikoku (Beta Hydri/Chines Arm) in 2243, and Botany Bay (DM +33 2277/American Arm) in 2245.

These offices provide administrative support and oversee the various assets and business ventures within their areas of operation. As well, companies within the Foxx Industries family can be found conducting business on many other worlds within explored space.

Questions relating to Foxx Industries may be forwarded to the Corporate Relations section at any of the offices. Please refer to the heading of Corporate Contacts for addresses.

Companies of the Corporation

AusCan Consolidated operates the Foxx Industries orbital shipyards located in the Proxima Centauri system (Core) and the orbital construction facilities at Botany Bay (DM+33 2277/American Arm). Responsible for all ship construction for the corporation, AusCan Consolidated also constructs crafts for companies outside of Foxx Industries.

Maxil Export Solutions (MES) is located at Daikoku (Beta Hydri) in the Chinese Arm. MES manufactures deep space autonomous weapon systems, including a variety of mines, drones, and sentinel stations.

Proton Power Technologies (PPT) is located in New Canberra, Tirane (Alpha Centauri/Core). PPT is a research and development company with a focus on fusion power technologies. It produces compact fusion plants for use in space and planet-based facilities.

Quarry Machine Works (QMW) is located in the country of Canada (Sol/Core). Engaged primarily in starship and small craft design and well known for their Rimbel-class survey vessel, QMW also manufactures components used in space vessels and orbital complexes.

Wombat Defense Systems (WDS) is located at Botany Bay (DM +33 2277) in the American Arm. WDS produces starship weapon systems. Production lines include laser armaments, particle accelerators, and submunition dispenser systems.

Who's Who

Lance Foxx
President, Foxx Industries
Samuel Foxx
CEO, Foxx Industries
Shaun Foxx
President, Armaments/Defense Division
Dennis Foxx
President, Interstellar Trade Division
Douglas Foxx
Commander, IMS
Rebecca Foxx
Commander, ISS

Corporate Contacts

Please send all queries relating to the Foxx Industries group of companies to the Corporate Relations Section

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