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Interstellar Trade Division

Inception and Growth

The Interstellar Trade Division was created by Michael Foxx after the establishment of the New Canberra (Tirane/Alpha Centauri/Core) offices in 2182. Stepping down as the president of the New Canberra division in 2191, Michael focussed his efforts over the next 10 years into building up what started as interstellar trading subsiduary company into the current Interstellar Trade Division.

The Interstellar Trade Division is currently the largest company within Foxx Industries, and accounts for forty percent of gross revenue. It is also a parent organization for several smaller companies operating under its umbrella structure. Among these are Quarry Machine Works (QMW) of Canada, producers of the Rimbel-class initial survey vessel, and AusCan Consolidated who operate the Foxx Industries orbital shipyards located in the Proxima Centauri system (Core) and the orbital construction facilities at Botany Bay (DM+33 2277/American Arm). Several smaller, specialized companies which produce ship components are also owned through the Interstellar Trade Division. This gives Foxx Industries the ability to design, construct, and commission both space craft and star ships without outside assistance - a major plus in a time when most ship yards are focussed on meeting the demands of the Kafer War in the French Arm.

Vessels produced through the Interstellar Trade Division are available for lease-purchase on the open market, but are subject to some restrictions. All vessels, owned by Foxx Industries or otherwise, are considered to be part of the IMS Space Forces Naval Reserve. As such, they are subject to call-up as required by IMS, whether for military purposes or otherwise.

Ships of the Interstellar Trade Division can be found in all areas of human space plying the trade routes and engaging in a multitude of missions, from exploratory to economic to humanitarium.

Proton Power Technologies

Proton Power Technologies (PPT) is located in the Australian colony of New Canberra on Tirane (Alpha Centauri/Core). A wholly owned subsidiary of Foxx Industries, PPT is a research and development company with a focus on fusion power technologies. Operating within the Interstellar Trade Division, it produces compact fusion plants for use in space and planet-based facilities.

The primary facilities are located within the vast industrial area owned by Foxx Industries in the interior of the colony. Secondary facilities exist at the Proxima Centauri (Core) orbital shipyards of AusCan Consolidated. Power for the industrial site is managed by Proton Power Technologies, which utilizes orbital power satellites and fusion plants to meet power demands.

Proton Power Technologies manufactures fusion plants in all of standard outputs. They also have developed several non-standard sized units; with the best known of these being the compact 100 MW unit that is used in several star ships, including the IMS Berkut-class destroyer. PPT designs are heavily marketed to the commercial and military sectors and significant revenue is generated for the Division as a result.

Power Plants

Model: PPT-F100C, Output: 100 MW, Volume: 4000 m, Price: MLv 45

Commerical Vessels

The following civilian vessels are produced by Foxx Industries. Details may be found in the Intelligence Services Section (ISS), located on the Reception Screen.

Pholeon-class Modular Freighter

The Pholeon-class is Foxx Industries' heavy transport modular freighter. It is powered by a fusion reactor and masses almost 110,000 tons when fully loaded. It can carry up to ten cargo modules in two rows of five, with each module having a volume of 1980 cubic meters, for a total of 19,800 cubic meters. An additional 11,200 cubic meters of internal cargo space is also available. Two Amaray-class landers may be carried externally in lieu of the cargo modules. Two manipulator craft, similar to the MidTech Cargo Devils are carried in internal hangers to move the cargo modules. The main internal hanger is large enough to house two Amaray-class landers.

Sarah Anna-class Freighter

The Sarah Anna-class freighter was named after Foxx Freight's ship sunk in the Twilight War and is the flagship cargo carrier of Foxx Industries. Fission powered, the class is capable of transporting over 11,500 cubic meters of cargo at a speed of one light year per day. It has a single hanger deck capable of handling two Amaray Mk.II-class landers simultaneously.

Amaray-class Landers

The Amaray-class lander is Foxx Industries' standard lander, and was conceived as a replacement for the various landers, shuttles, and space planes used by the corporation. The lander is produced by AusCan Consolidated in several versions, and the Mk.II is the unarmed, workhouse variant. The lander was sized to fit into the hanger bay of existing vessels and is found on most Foxx Industries' vessels. It has a load capacity of 1120 cubic meters but is limited to 250 maximum tons of cargo to preserve flight capabilties. The Amaray is a STVL (short take-off, vertical landing) craft with a crew of three (four on the armed variants).

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