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SCL-Invasion - News and Updates

Turn 6

30Jan05 - I have added a page for October 2301 for the events of the sixth month of the campaign.

Turn 5w4

27Nov04 - This turn seemed to drag on forever. This was due mostly to several bouts of real life that severely curtained my ability and time to work on this campaign. Things seemed to have calmed down over the last month, so I have managed to wrap up Turn 5. A major change that will be occuring is that the game is moving to a weekly turn format, begin with Turn 6 Week 0 (Construction, Re-sUpply, and Politics). The latest Turn Report has been badged as 5w4 to reflect this transition. Updates on this section of the site include: Fleet and Ground Force maps as of the end of 5w4, new ship stats, updated rules, and the 5w4 universal report.

Turn 4

28Dec03 - Lots of updates relating to the release of Turn 4. Reading down the list... Rules v5.7 now available; Task Force Commanders section expanded to include major task forces and facilities; Ship stats v18 now available; maps section has been adjusted to present base maps without Turn 1 colony statuses; Turn 4 Universal Report now available; maps for start of Turn 5 now available.


10May03 - Corrected Task Force and Ground Contingent locations on French Arm map. Rules v5.5 added.

03May03 - Corrected shipping routes on the French Arm map.

19Apr03 - Turn 3 report released. Updated rules to v5.4, updated ship stats to v15, updated task force commanders. Added page for Turn 4 and updates on the War Diaries page.


23Nov02 - Turn 2 report released. Updated rules to v5.0, updated ship stats to v12, updated task force commanders. Added page for Turn 3 and a new page on War Diaries


06Jun02 - Updated Rules to v4.7

29Mar02 - Updated Task Force Commanders. Updated Ship Stats.

23Jan02 - Updated Task Force Commanders. Added a sample format for turn orders. Added Maps for opening of Turn 2. Updated Ship Stats.

05Jan02 - Turn 1 is out! Lots of updates related to the release of Turn 1.


09Dec01 - A lot has changed in the game even though we haven't finished turn 1 yet. All of this is behind the scenes, and the majority of it has been in the form of a series of rules re-writes. The v3.6 originally posted here has been updated to v4.1. The ship stats have also been revised to correspond to the rules.

26Jul01 - Updated the Commanders with some more personas; if you're persona is not there, contact me. I have split the rules off onto a separate page and added links to the major section headers.

22Jul01 - Added a new section on maps. These are the base maps for the locale of the campaign. There is some overlap on each map so that you can see how they connect together. Also updated the opening positions listing and map with the independent detachments, which will now be called colonial defense squadrons so that their roles are not mistaken. Added a colony page that has supply point and repair capacity table, plus some other information. Updated the rules to version 3.6 Updated the downloaded ship stats file to include movements; the ship stats page will be updated soon.

17Jul01 - Some error and omissions were corrected, as well as a few changes. The supply point requirements for the DD Marshal Foch and DD Kiev were upped from 2 to 3 to differentiate them from the FFs. The DD Kiev was added to the Australian list as the Ypres-12 is a one of a kind vessel. The commander slot for the French BB Tallyrand was omitted, and has been added in. The various theater and task force commander slots have been updated with information provided by the players.

15Jul01 - Welcome to the News and Updates Page for my Star Cruiser Lite (SCL) campaign. The rules have been updated to version 3.4

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