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Star Cruiser Lite - Invasion (SCL-I) is a strategic level game of space combat in the 2300AD gaming universe. It pits humanity (the players) against the Kafer alien menace.

Bryn Monnery ran a very successful SCL campaign in 1999 that I was part of as a German Task Force Commander. I liked that game so much that I decided to run another campaign.


Due to the ever-evolving nature of the rules, an on-line version will no longer be posted. The current version is available for downloading in native RTF or compressed ZIP formats.

Native RTF (624 KB)

Compressed ZIP (62 KB)

Changes since the last published rules, are noted by text that is not black in color.

Ship Stats

The stats for the various ship classes available to each nation are listed here. The following information is needed to understand the various column headers.

Download the PDF file of the ship stats v19 here (30 KB)


This is the class of the ship and may be:

CVL-light carrier
LSA-landing ship assault

Other Warships
CA-armored cruiser, sub-type of the CG
CG-cruiser (may be flagship for smaller nations)
CVE-escort carrier, typically a converted merchantman
DE-destroyer escort
SDB-system defense boat

MF-fast merchant
MS-slow merchant
MQ-q-ship, a disguised and armed merchant for convoy protection
TT-troop transport
FT-fighter tender
SS-survey ship
SCT - scout ship

Frigates actually represent two frigates, to make the unit more robust. System Defense Boats and Fighters represent wings of four craft.

Red text indicates new ship designs introducted to the campaign.

Bm - Beam

This is the ship's beam rating damage and includes laser and particle accelerator weapons.

Sb - Submunition

This is the value of submuntions carried on the ship. They are treated similar to beams but may only fire once.

Mi - Missile

This is the ship's missile rating. .

Sv - Salvo

This is the number of missile salvoes that a ship may fire before needing re-supply.

Df - Defense

This is the ship's defense rating. This number indicates how much damage the ship can take to the hull. When the value is decreased to 0, the ship is destroyed.

Sc - Screen

This number represents the presence of any defensive screens. Screens may or may not be used by a ship and recharge each round, subject to damage.

Sn - Sensor

This number represents the sensor strength of a ship, with stronger, farther reaching sensors having higher values. Ships which carry sensor drones have a +1 bonus included here.

Mv - Move

This is the movement rate of the ship. It is used to determine likelihood of break-off from combat and is used as a modifier during missile and beam combat.

Sz - Size

This is the relative size of the ship. It is used as a modifier during combat.

Sp - Supply

This is the quantity of supply points required per turn for re-supply.

Cy - Carry

This is the quantity of supply points that the ship carries internally for self re-supply or to re-supply other vessels.

Msl Type

The type of missile carried. Vessels must be re-loaded with the same type of missile.


This section lists any notes for the vessel.

FTRs - Fighters

This indicates the number of fighter units carried.


This indicates the strength of troop units carried.

sDrone? - Sensor Drone

This indicates the presence of a sensor drone. Yes means that one is already carried, greyed out means that ship cannot carry a drone.

sDisp? - Submunition Dispenser

This indicates the presence of submunition dispensers. Yes means that dispensers are already carried, greyed out means that ship cannot carry dispensers.

mPak? - Missile Packs

This indicates the presence of missile packs. Yes means that packs are already carried, greyed out means that ship cannot carry packs.

Task Force Commanders

The conflict initially involved fleets from seven nations. The colonial powers of the Arm are well represented (Germany, France, Britain, Japan, and Ukraine) along with America, Australia, and others who have sent forces to assist against the Kafers.

The actions of the various national fleets are nominally coordinated by the Theater Commander of each nation. Due to the distances involved however, fleet commanders have a great degree of latitude in their actions. Reinforcements are distributed by the Theater Commanders based on the tactical and strategic requirements of each nation and its forces.

All major task forces and facilities are listed below, along with the Commander and flagship.


Player: Jason Weiser

Theater Commander - Vice Admiral Sam Weiss

ALIMFOR - Rear Admiral John Gsell - CG Reagan
BG Iwo Jima - ??? - LSA Iwo Jima
TF Bush - Rear Admiral Lisa Meriweather - CG Bush
TF Pennsylvania - Vice Admiral Sam Weiss - BB Pennsylvania

Columbia Station - Captain Raymond Schiller - ASB
Essex Station - ??? - ASB
Independence Station - ??? - ASB
Trilon Highport - ??? - CFR


Player: Marv Newman

Theater Commander - Commodore Y. Cetshwayo

TF Lesotho - Commodore Y. Cetshwayo - CG Lesotho
TF Mandela - ??? - CG Mandela

Agulhas Station - ??? - CFR
Station Mbabane - ??? - ASB
Station Ngome - ??? - ASB
Station Zulu - ??? - ASB


Player: Patrick Lemire

Theater Commander - Rear Admiral Alex Shane

CG Victoria - Rear Admiral Alex Shane (Patrick Lemire)

Bronze Wing Station - ??? - ASB
Defiance Station - ??? - ASB
Pajingo Station - ??? - ASB


Players: Andrew Moreton, John Rebori, Michael Siiger, Tony Craven

Theater Commander - Admiral Sir Trevor Mountjoy, KCB (Andrew Moreton)

TF Britainna - Admiral Sir Trevor Mountjoy, KCB - BB Britannia (Andrew Moreton)
TF Churchill - Vice Admiral Sir Charles Graham, KCB - CV Churchill (Michael Siiger)
TF Invincible - Rear Admiral Sir William Colliers - BC Invincible (Tony Craven)
TF Victory - Rear Admiral Sir Kevin Connors, KAC - BB Victory (John Rebori)

Alice Station - ??? - CFR
Avalon Base - ??? - ASB
Bristol Station - ??? - CFR
Spence Station - ??? - CFR


Players: Even Sorgjerd, Keven J, Lee Hanna

Theater Commander - Amiral Jean-Paul Bertand (Even Sorgjerd)

Escort Group Albatros - ??? - CVL Albatros
TF Cherbourg - Vice-Amiral Jean-Paul Monlavier - CV Cherbourg (Lee Hanna)
TF DeGaulle - Vice-Amiral Emile Debar - BB DeGaulle (under referee control)
TF Napoleon - Contre-Amiral Marc St. Hilaire - BB Napoleon (Keven J)
TF Richelieu - Vice-Amiral Ferdinand Rochemont - BB Richelieu
TF Somme - ??? - LSA Somme
TF Tallyrand - Contre-Amiral Jean-Paul Bertand - BB Tallyrand (Even Sorgjerd)

Station Fromme - ??? - CFR
Station Jaguar - ??? - ASB
Station Nous Voilà - ??? - CFR
Station Nouvelle Europe - ??? - CFR
Station Premiere - ??? - CFR
Station Saint Benoit - ??? - CFR


Players: Chance Pearce, Robert Montgomery, Tom Harrison

Theater Commander - Kommodore Ernst Roehler

TF Bavaria - Kommodore Ernst Roehler - BB Bavaria (Chance Pearce)
TF Bismarck - Kommodore Lutke - BC Bismarck (Tom Harrison)
TF Guderian - Kommodore Mannheim - BC Guderian (Robert Montgomery)
TF Graf Zeppelin - ??? - CV Graf Zeppelin

Alderhorst Station - ??? - CFR
Altenhauf Station - ??? - CFR
Habinsel Station - ??? - CFR
Nibelungen Station - ??? - CFR
Unity Station - Kaptain Dieter Probson - ASB


Player: Patrick Lemire

Theater Commander - Admiral Matsumo Nakajima

TF Agano - Admiral Matsumo Nakajima - CG Agano
TF Nightwind - Admiral Hakiru Sakamoto - CG Nightwind

Lotus Station - ??? - CFR
JSFNB-3 - ??? - ASB
JSFNB-4 - ??? - ASB


Player: Chris Johnston

Theater Commander - Admiral Lian Xi Shilong

7th Combat Scout Detachment - Senior Captain Cali Mengzhen - SS Tazihao
TF Beijing - Admiral Lian Xi Shilong - BB Beijing
TF Tien Shen - Rear Admiral Xiao Ying - CG Tien Shen

Elysian Defense Force - Capitaine Henri St. Germaine - DD ES Liberté

Station Joi - ??? - CFR


Player: Marshall Dicks

Theater Commander - Admiral Stefan Stefanovitch Kuryakin

TF Heidelsheimat - Admiral Stefan Stefanovitch Kuryakin - BC Heidelsheimat

Station Blackjack - ??? - CFR


Player: Stephen Andrews

Theater Commander - Admiral Yuri Vasilyvitch Leonov

TF Konstantine - Admiral Yuri Leonov - CG Konstantine
Liberation of Novoa Kiyev - ??? - CG ???
TF Odessa - Kontr-Admiral Borodin - CG Odessa
TF Ukrania - Kontr-Admiral Olena Honcharenko - CG Ukrania

Cherkasy Station - ??? - ASB

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