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SCL-Invasion PBEM - Campaign 2


SCL-Invasion Campaign 2 is a strategic level game of space combat in the 2300AD gaming universe. It begins in early 2296, prior to humanity discovering the alien race known as the Kafers.

Campaign 2 uses a rules set evolved from those used in the first campaign, so play is very similar. The decision to have the second campaign take place chronologically prior to the 2301 (the time of the first campaign) was made because the situation in the French Arm at the end of the first campaign would have been difficult to continue. Rather than re-play the same time period again, an earlier date was chosen and the players will be allowed to experience the human-Kafer contact from the very beginning.


Due to the ever-evolving nature of the rules, an on-line version will no longer be posted. The current version is available for downloading in a PDF format.

Rules (206 KB)

Changes since the last published rules, are noted by text that is not black in color.

Ship Stats

The stats for the various ship classes available to each nation are listed here. The following information is needed to understand the various column headers.

Download the PDF file of the ship stats here (21 KB)


This is the class of the ship and may be:

CVL-light carrier
LSA-landing ship assault

Other Warships
CA-armored cruiser, sub-type of the CG
CG-cruiser (may be flagship for smaller nations)
CVE-escort carrier, typically a converted merchantman
DE-destroyer escort
SDB-system defense boat

MS-small merchant
MM-medium merchant
ML-large merchant
MQ-q-ship, a disguised and armed merchant for convoy protection
TT-troop transport
FT-fighter tender
SS-survey ship
SCT - scout ship

System Defense Boats and Fighters represent wings of twocraft.

Red text indicates new ship designs introducted to the campaign.


Bm - Beam. This is the ship's beam rating damage and includes laser and particle accelerator weapons.
Sb - Submunition. This is the value of submuntions carried on the ship. They are treated similar to beams but may only fire once.
Mi - Missile. This is the ship's missile rating.
Sv - Salvo. This is the number of missile salvoes that a ship may fire before needing re-supply.
Df - Defense. This is the ship's defense rating. This number indicates how much damage the ship can take to the hull. When the value is decreased to 0, the ship is destroyed.
Sc - Screen. This number represents the presence of any defensive screens. Screens may or may not be used by a ship and recharge each round, subject to damage.
Sn - Sensor. This number represents the sensor strength of a ship, with stronger, farther reaching sensors having higher values. Ships which carry sensor drones have a +1 bonus included here.
Mv - Move. >This is the movement rate of the ship. It is used to determine likelihood of break-off from combat and is used as a modifier during missile and beam combat.
Sz - Size. This is the relative size of the ship. It is used as a modifier during combat.
Sp - Supply. This is the quantity of supply points required per turn for re-supply.
Cy - Carry. This is the amount of cargo that the ship can carry, expressed in supply point equivalents.
Msl Type. The type of missile carried. Vessels must be re-loaded with the same type of missile.
Notes. This section lists any notes for the vessel.
FTRs - Fighters. This indicates the number of fighter units carried.
Troops. This indicates the strength of troop units carried.
sDrone? - Sensor Drone. This indicates the presence of a sensor drone. Yes means that one is already carried, greyed out means that ship cannot carry a drone.
sDisp? - Submunition Dispenser. This indicates the presence of submunition dispensers. Yes means that dispensers are already carried, greyed out means that ship cannot carry dispensers.
mPak? - Missile Packs. This indicates the presence of missile packs. Yes means that packs are already carried, greyed out means that ship cannot carry packs.

Task Force Commanders

The conflict initially involved forces from three nations - France, Germany, and Britain, but these were soon joined by forces from America and Japan.

Each player interacts in the game through their persona, known as the task force commander (TC). Each task force commander operates independently, although combined operations with other task force commanders can occur.

All major task forces and facilities are listed below, along with the Commander and flagship.


Player: Patrice Lemire
Task Force Commander: O-3 Commander Jacob Anders
Task Force: Force Hudson (Potomac DD)


Player: Andrew Moreton
Task Force Commander: O-3 Commander Edward Pellew
Task Force: Recon Det Indefatigable (Robust DD, Killiecrankie SCT)

Player: Michael Siiger
Task Force Commander: O-3 Commander William Winsor-Smythe
Task Force: Recon Det Blazer (Exeter SDB)


Player: KevenJ
Task Force Commander: O-3 Capitaine de Fregate Michel Hébert
Task Force: Détachement de recon Hébert (Suffren CG)

Player: Zsolt Nagy
Task Force Commander: OO-3 Capitaine de Fregate Jean-Pierre Cassel
Task Force: Détachement de recon Gaiaenne (Suffren CG)


Player: John Carroll
Task Force Commander: O-3 Fregattenkapitän Ernst Udet
Task Force: Unabhängige Schwadron Arnhem (Rotterdam DD)

Player: Tom Harrison
Task Force Commander: O-3 Fregattenkapitän Guenther von Kluge
Task Force: Unabhängige Schwadron Heidelberg (Rotterdam DD), Thor (MQ), Kondor (MS)


Player: Mike Montesa
Task Force Commander: O-3 Commander Yamaguchi Junichi
Task Force: Reconnaissance Squadron Yukikaze (Starfish DD), Arashi (Starfish DD)

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