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2000 Minimal WW3 damage to Japan, considerable to Korea and China.
2002 Iwabuchi Gengoro appointed Prime Minister of Japan
2003 Iwabuchi declared emergency; suspended various rights and privileges. Proceeded to rebuild Japan and construct Asian-Pacific commercial empire.

Piracy resurgent in the Straits of Malacca - With no navies or organized police forces remaining in the region, piracy grew into a major problem. Japan responded by placing marines on all ships moving through the area, but piracy continued to be a serious problem for smaller ships as trade slowly resumed in the area.

2008 Japan, France, GB, Bavaria and Egypt occupy Saudi oil fields in 2008, replacing US forces.
2009 Government control of banking and finance are loosened; the second- and third-largest banks in Japan merge to form the Shin-Nippon Banking Corporation, which later becomes the Niyazawa International Bank.
2010 People's Republic of Indonesia formed - Industrial and military forces in the Jakarta area reestablished order throughout western Java and declare the founding of the Republic of Indonesia.
2010-13 Iran objects to occupation of Saudi Arabia, starting Saudi War.
2014 Iwabuchi announces "protective camps" would be opened.
2018 Iwabuchi announces major trading and aid pact with Brazil.
2021 Iwabuchi dies in car accident; possible assassination.

Last of the "protective camps" closed and former "residents" provided with full restitution for lost assets and livelihood.

2024 PM Hatoyama offers non-Japanese residents citizenship; majority of the former camp residents officially become Japanese citizens.
2030 Indochina Action. Cantonese attempt at control repulsed by French pressure.
2033 The first Japanese satellite, a military photoreconnaissance and communications satellite, launched from Tanegashima.
2038 Far Eastern Republic established as Kamchatka and Pacific Coast. Russia reclaims Siberia, excluding territories along Amur River annexed by Manchuria in 2048. Russia has been unable to reclaim these territories as of 2300.
2046 Philippines first requested Japanese military assistance.
2048 First official Japanese military advisors and materiel begin arriving in Quezon City, Philippines.
2050-2100 Brazil industrializes with European and Japanese capital, because it was a source of cheap labor and resources.
2051 First manned Japanese space launch, from Tanegashima.

Major fighting erupts between Pilipinas and Japan. Japan blockades all Pilipinas ports.

mid-21st Japan attempted economic domination of Korea, fails due to Manchurian action. Thereafter concentrated on territories off mainland Asia.
2054 Construction of permanent Japanese manned space station started.
2055 Republic of Pilipinas announces end of hostilities, accedes to Japanese demands for partial disarmament.
2065 Japan signs a 99-year lease from the Pilipinas government, in return for "one yen and certain other valuable considerations," for a large tract centered on Mt. Pulog (2929 m) in central Luzon. This becomes the site of Japan's orbital catapult.

Construction of the new capital city, a completely planned metropolis, begun on the site of former Manila, and named Aguinaldo City in honor of one of the nation's most famous freedom fighters.


Russo-Ukrainian War. Japan enters war against Russia in 2070 to break the stalemate, Russia collapses.


Tension with Japan over the Philippines - Worried about increasing Japanese influence in the Philippines, Indonesia attempts to expand its own influence. The competition brings the two nations to the brink of war in 2092, but lacking Japan's financial, industrial, and military resources, Indonesia backs down.

2072 Japan constructs orbital catapult in the Philippines.
2074 Ito Tatsuko [2032-2103], first (and so far only) female Japanese Prime Minister, elected. Almost single-handedly forces Japan into an aggressive space development program, supported by trade with Azania and spearheaded by the Shintenchi colony at L-4. Often referred to as the "Dragon Lady" for her leadership style (and playing on her name, "tatsu" which means dragon).
2080 Canton keeps Indonesia out of Indochina.

Azania trades tantalum to Japan for a "space partnership", gaining access to space, high tech, capital improvements, education and improved standards of living. Azania becomes a valued trading partner with Europe and Japan.

2086 Japan constructs Shintenchi colony at L4, joining American and Argentine colonies.
2090 Most world nations have replaced petroleum with hydrogen networks, and most industry is powered by SPPS.
2092 Japan keeps Indonesia out of the Philippines.
2096 Federation of Japan and the Phlippines established.

Melbourne Accords

2108 Canton signs the Melbourne Accords
2112 Saudi Arabia regains independence after oil fields depleted.
2120 Philippines admitted as part of Japan.
mid-22nd Manchuria explores Mercury.

Marianas, Carolines, Marshalls, Gilberts part of Japan due to deep-sea mining operations.

Excellent relations founded with SU on trade on the TransArctic sea routes, but also upon corporate cooperation and diplomacy after the Japanese government defended Norwegian claims on Svalbard in the 22nd century versus Russian interests.

China builds starship to Alpha Centauri.

2146 Sumiko assumes throne as Empress Myoten (明天).
2172 Amaterasu colony established.
2184 Mogami Industries sends survey teams to Delta Pavonis.
2190 Mining colony of Kouki (光輝) reaches permanent residency level on Delta Pavonis. Operated by private consortium with government participation.
2192 "The Shinki Restoration." Emperor Shinki (心輝) demands new elections and public vote on cyberspace, establishing precedent of Imperial authority over elected government.
2203-07 1st Rio Plata War. Brazil purchases most war materiel from France, and wins.
2205 First survey of Daikoku (Beta Hydri).
2206-13 Intensive colonization of Daikoku (Beta Hydri).
2207 Mining colony of Kouki on Delta Pavonis fails.
2209 Kanzan Memorial Foundation established.
2211 Shungen (Davout) outpost established.
2231 Shinki abdicates in favor of his son, Sora (空).
2232 Kanzan Memorial Foundation incorporated.
2235-37 2nd Rio Plata War. Ends inconclusively.
2237 Amaterasu Crisis and temporary assumption of authority by Imperial Father Shinki. This led directly to:
2241 Constitution amended to provide for an Imperial Viceroy to speak in the Emperor's name.
mid-23rd Gilberts developed as model scientific community.
2254 Syuhlahm (Zeta Tucanae). Japan negotiates for a small settlement off the Chyuantii coast.
2256 Attempted assassination of President of Pilipinas by Japanese Army, using terrorists from the Palawan Caliphate as dupes; foiled by Lion Guard and Pilipinas Presidential Guard.
2257 Tosashimizu (Joi, 61 Ursae Majoris) colony established with massive effort.
2260-80 Korea-Japan Tunnel construction.
2262 Emperor Sora dies suddenly in airplane crash; son Hoshihito assumes the Chrysanthemum Throne at the age of 21.
2264-68 Canton-Indonesian War fought in SE Asia, turned Indochina into Canton puppet state.
2271 Manchuria discovers petroleum reserves in Mogami Valley, Delta Pavonis.
2273 Cold Mountain leases land with petroleum reserves on Delta Pavonis from Kanzan Foundation.
2274 Constitution amended to provide for an Imperial Viceroy to speak in the Emperor's name.
2282-87 Manchuria vs Russia, France and Bavaria over Central Asian Republic. Japan enters war against Manchuria; old borders restored. Franco-Russo-Japanese peacekeeping force. Japan provided "advanced satellite surveillance systems" that turned the tide.
2300 Current Emperor is Hoshihito.

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