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Named after Songoku's cloud (ؓl_; kinto'un)
Original name: Hephaistos (MPC 23959)

Perihelion: 0.359 AU (Mercury is .387)

Apihelion: 3.972 AU (Mars is 1.516, asteroids 2.365-2.795, Jupiter is 5.204)

X from earth's orbit at earth's orbit: 0.124 AU

Radius: 10 km

Apollo asteroids are asteroids which cross Earth's orbit and have a period longer than 1 year. They have semi-major axes greater than 1 astronomical unit (AU), and perihelion distances less than 1.017 AU.

Why would it be used?

1. Solar observatory

2. Slow transport

3. Ultra-high energy processing

4. Orbital control

5. Rescue station

Info from: Bill Owen of JPL:

It's asteroid number 2212, and according to JPL's Horizons service ( its orbital period is 3.18702 years and its spectral type is SG, which would make it (I think) mostly silicate.

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