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2300 planets and regions

82 Eridani IV
Aurore sourcepage
Azania (Nate Birkholz)
Britain in 2300 AD
Canada 2300ad
Commonwealth of Wellon
Davout (Clay Johanson)
Foxx Industries
Indonesia (Jeff Abbott)
Japan (Edward Lipsett)
JAPAN in 2300AD
Joi Sourcebook
Kafer Sourcepage
Korea in 2300AD
La Salle Station
Los Estados Unidos Mexicanos en 2300 AD
Manchurian Space Forces OrBat
Manzil al Cenit (Arab Daikoku)
New York City 2300
New Zealand forces
Randy McDonald's European write-ups
Richard Spake's homepage
Scandinavian Union
Tirane Sourcebook


2300AD and MESS
Thomas Sewell's 2300/Twilight 2000
2300ad corplist
2300AD Databook Index
2300AD Grand Game II Homepage
Andy Brick
Andy Goddard's calculators
Ben Levy's site
Boots, Tracks and Hoverskirts
Bryn's 2300/SC site
Collective Table of Contents Page
Dirtside 2300
Etranger: The Military in 2300AD
Freetraders 2300AD Merchant Starships
Frequency of 2300AD Starship Arrivals
Future calendar
Gurps 2300
Halfway Station
Harris House Rules 2300AD
Index of All Known 2300 AD Magazine Articles
Interstellar Trade
JIEX magazine
Mad Irishman Productions 2300AD Products
News Service
One Man's Views of 2300AD
Pentapod's World: A 2300AD RPG Website
Peter Grining's etranger
Rachel's Pages -- Spheres and ARCADIA
Rob Montgomery
Rudell Units: A Rebuttal
Weapons of 2300AD for GURPS


ALIENS Cyberpunk 2020 Conversion
Aliens vs Predator
Aliens Vs Predator in Stargrunt II
AvP RPG - A DnD 3rd edtion conversion

Asteroid mining

21st Century Materials Challenges
Glass from Space
Asteroid Destruction Calculator
Space Resources-Univ. of Wisconsin
Asteroid Composition
Asteroid types
Colorado School of Mines
Homesteading the planets
Howstuffworks "How Asteroid Mining Will Work"
Orbital Colonies
Papers & Publications @ spacefuture
PDS Imaging Node - Asteroids Resources
PERMANENT: Asteroids for Space Development, Commercialization and Colonization
SEDS space art
Space Resources
Space Settlement

Astronomy etc

3-D Starmaps:Misc Links
Internet Stellar Database
Planetary Classification Table
What color are the stars?

Blue Planet

Blue Planet (FFG)
Blue Planet Discussion
BlueDive's Blue Planet Homepage
Eva's Blue Planet Page
Feng Zhu - Concept Artist [ Set Design ]
Feng Zhu - Concept Artist [ Vehicle Design ]
Ficta: HIST Homepage
GURPS: Blue Planet
John K's site - blue planet fan fiction
mansperger :: blue planet v 2.0
Mike Z's Blue Planet NoteBook
Storm Surge: Blue Planet
Welcome to Clearwater Consulting

CG apps

Alias/Wavefront (Maya)
Bryce 5 - Corel
Curious Labs (Poser)
FOTS 3D (DoGA parts)
Planetside (Terragen)
ProFantasy Software


Chinese Views of Future Warfare
China Maps
China WWW Virtual Library
Yahoo Taiwan


Planetary Biology

Game reviews

Aurore Sourcebook and Kafer Dawn
Deathwatch Progam
Energy Curve
Equipment Guide
Ground Vehicle Guide
Kafer Sourcebook
Mission Arcturus
Nyotekundu Sourcebook
Operation Overlord
Rotten to the Core
Ships of the French Arm


A Citizen's Guide to Phytoremediation
Bugs offer power tips
Environment News Service: Phytoremediation: A Green Way to Clean Up Pollution


Document downloads

Multicultural aspects
Korean minority in China
II Journal: Segyehwa: Globalization and Nationalism in Korea
Japanese protectorate
Korean History in Manchuria
Korean History: A Bibliography [ Korean Communities Abroad]
Korean reunification and US


Dan Schirren's Colonial Maps
Secret of Sakhalin Island (Karafuto)
WARP Home Page


Alex Stoll's Future Aircraft Page - Military Science Fiction a...
The Electromagnetic Bomb - a Weapon of Electr...
Moller International
Art of War OoBs
Bullpup rifle
US Army manuals
Bell Textron LCAC
Fundamentals of Naval Weapons Systems
Imperial Japanese Armed Forces
Japanese Air OrBat (and xlations)
Japanese Army WW2 ranks
Japanese Navy WW2 ranks
Japanese old/new ranks (in Japanese)
Japanese OrBat 1941
Jpn military and terrorism jargon
Land Warfare Systems
Imperial Japanese Army (WW2)
Military Rank
Naval Marine (GZG)
USMC equipment specs
USMC Organization Documents
Naval War College Asia-Pacific
Undersea Warfare Magazine
US Military Aircraft
World War II Armed Forces Orders of Battle
WWII Imperial Japanese Navy Aircraft

Moon - homepage
Lunar astronomy links
Moon architecture
Lunar Atlas
Lunar Base Quarterly - Index
Lunar Institute of Technology
Map of iron on moon
Map of titanium
Moon caves
Moon Tycoon game
NASA links
Photo/name atlas
Romance to Reality: moon & Mars mission plans
Scientific American: Moon water
Scitech papers on colonization
The Artemis Project: Private Enterprise on the Moon


Armed Forces of the Philippines
Philippine names
CIA -- The World Factbook
Gallant Warriors From the Sea; Philippine Marines
Library of Congress / Federal Research Division / Country Studies / Area Handbook Series / Philippines
Philippine Air Force
Philippine cultural overview
Philippine ethnic groups
Philippine languages (text & map)
Philippines Army (unofficial)
Philippines Navy
Tanikalang Ginto - The Philippines' Directory

Planet & colony design

General design articles
Planetary Classification List
Star Generator
Star Generator code explanation
Tyge's planet builder, etc.
URSA MAJOR - We Come In Peace
Ursa Major Coloniser's Handbook
World Building

Pretty Pictures

Smilin' Drex Furlow's Stockyard
Desktop Starships - Star Trek, Star Wars, Bab...
Max Lambertini
main page for bambam131
Digital CAV
Don Davis Space Art
Kennedy (Lucas Arts)
Public Domain paintings by Don Davis
Rachel's Pages: Images of Starships.
SF & Fantasy art links
Space Colony Artwork 1970
SSI Sample Slides
Welcome to the Patinir Belt

Sea and seabed mining

CSIRO Australia aquaculture
UN Atlas of the Oceans
Deep Sea Minerals
Exploring the deep ocean floor [This Dynamic Earth, USGS]
Links to Other Ocean-related Organizations
Metal Mining Agency of Japan
Mining Engineers Toolbox - Deep Seabed Mining
Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii

Ship names

US Naval Vessel Register
USN Ship Designations
Japanese Warship Names
Navy Fact File: Contents
World Navies Today
WW2 OoBs
Royal Navy
Royal Australian Navy
Russian Naval Ship Names
German Naval History

Ships, marine structures

2100 Ocean Cities
Oceania -- The Atlantis Project
The WIG Page - information about Ekranoplan a...
Kilo Moana research ship plans
Deck Plans: R/V New Horizon
Deck Plans: R/V Melville
Catamaran freighters
Fast Ships and Fast Ferries, Hydro Lance Corporation
Hydrofoil destroyer
Hydrospeed - "Hysucat Hydrofoil System"
In the Navy, size does matter
Konstantin Matveev - Hydrofoils
Links to Hydrofoil Web Sites
Naval Technology - Industry Projects
Naval Technology - LPD(R) Albion Class - Landing Platform Dock
Naval Technology - Triton Trimaran - Research Ship
Nexus: Mobile Floating Sea City
Photos of hydrofoils, catamarans etc.
Ship Technology Magazine
Streetfighter article
Tidal Electric - The Technology
Techno Super Liner(TSL)

South Pacific, Kiribati

CIA -- The World Factbook 2000 -- Kiribati
DMA Charts Solomon to Gilbert Islands
Guam Database of Sport & Edible Fishes
Kiribati 2000
Lonely Planet World Guide | Destination Kiribati | Introduction
More Kiribati 2000

Space gear (including SF)

Aerospace simulator
Space Future
Space Island Group - Home Page
The Space Settlement FAQ by Mike Combs
DISTANT STAR - The Electronic Magazine of the FMF
Electrical tethers - a "propellant-free" concept - may propel spacecraft
Howstuffworks "Space"
Inflatable spacecraft
Living Universe Foundation
NASA Exploration Documents
NASA's Space Elevator
NASDA space colony pic
Nine Planets
Orbiter - A free space flight simulator
PERMANENT - Asteroids, Moon, NEO
Principality of New Utopia
Skyful of Stars
Solar irradiation and orbital farmland
Space Elevator (PDF)
Space Elevator: Next Stop, Earth Orbit
Space Frontier Foundation Home Page
Space Future
Space Settlement
Space Settlement
Space Studies Institute (SSI)
Space Vehicles - Launch Vehicle Design
Space weapons (Rand study)
Stanford Torus specs
Starship Generations
Tethers Unlimited Home Page
Valid Space Related Links -- FAST

Twilight 2000

38th Parallel: Twilight 2000 Adventures in Korea
Korea Sourcebook
T2K Timeline
Twilight: 2000
Twilight:2000's Possible Future

Vehicle design

2300AD Technical Architecture
Star Ship Architects Manual
Additional Star Cruiser Errata
Andy Brick's 3G3 Conversion Rules
Bryn's 3G3 Conversion Rules
Fire Fusion & Steel Companion
Gamestruth Deckplans
General design articles
Maglev Trains
NAM2 and SC2 rules etc.
Naval Architecture
QSDS for Traveller 4th
Shipyard rules
Starship Marine Deck Plans
WebRing: Deckplans
Wet Navy Design Rules for FFS

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