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Abandoned by the French

Date: 08 Sep 2301

System: Beta Comae Berenices

Background: The withdrawal of the French Squadron from Beta Comae Berenices to Vogelheim left the remaining British Squadron, reinforced with the German Squadron from Beta Canum Venaticorum, as the only force to defend the system. When Triumphant Destiny return with a heavily reinforced Task Force X-Ray, the human squadrons attacked but did minimal damage to the Kafers, while losing both squadron flagships. The senior surviving British officer, Captain Sir Colin Campbell ordered the remaining vessels to retreat.

Set-up: Two maps. Human players sets-up their ships along any side. Kafer vessels enter along the opposite map edge as per the special rules below.

Special Rules: Roll 1D6 each turn to determine the number of Kafer vessels appearing at the opposite map side each turn.

Roll 1D6 and consult the table below to determine vessel type. Numbers in brackets indicate the maximum number of each vessel type that can be present.

Human players may only break contact after having engaged the Kafer fleet for three turns.

Victory Conditions: The Kafers receive two points per human ship destroyed or disabled. The humans receive two point per Kafer ship destroyed and one point per human vessel that breaks contact.

All vessels, Kafer and human, have full missile compliments

Intruder: Kafer

  1. Delta BB (2)
  2. Improved Alpha BB (4)
  3. Alpha BB (3)
  4. Beta BC (12)
  5. Epsilon CG (20)
  6. Epsilon CG

Native: Human

German Squadron: Admiral Hipper (Hamburg-class CG), Lutzow (Rotterdam -class DD), Seydlitz (Rotterdam-class DD), 6x Gustov-class FTR

British Squadron: Defiance (Kiev-class DD), Indefatigable (Robust -class DD), Achates (Aconit-class FF)

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