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2300AD Annex News & Updates

News of 2009

15 Feb 09 - In conjunction with the System Briefs, I have made the map of the French Arm into an image map. Now, you can click on a system and the corresponding System Brief will open. At this time, only colonized systems will be accessible on the image map, and not all of the System Briefs are available... yet. Find the map in the Publications/Trade Division section.

31 Jan 09 - I have added three more System Briefs to the Publications/Trade Division section. The creation of the Briefs have been somewhat challenging due to the lack of canon information and the inconsistencies in non-canon information. In the end, I decided to tweak the Briefs to match the canon info and ignore the non-canon work unless it was significant and extensively used.

18 Jan 09 - Another update this month! While developing the Priority Exports adventure, it became necessary to generate various details about star systems. I expanded on this to create the System Brief series. Each System Brief will provide physical data information on a single star system related to interstellar travel. Find them in the Publications/Trade Division / System Briefs area.

03 Jan 09 - A second update in the same day! This time, it's a new circular for calculating g-gradients - find it in the Publications/Trade Division / Circulars area. As I developed the first Priority Exports adventure, the subject of where stutterwarp discharge could happen in a system, in relation to the 0.1G gradient (threshold) came into importance. As I looked through the various on-line resources, I discovered a statement on Penatpod's World that indicated that the Director's Guide was incorrect in stating that the g-gradient was related to surface gravity, rather than mass. This led me to spend some time deriving the formulas from the basic formula of Newton's Law of Gravitation, just to verify which statement was right. So that I don't forget this again, and to help others, I moved my paper notes into a PDF document.

03 Jan 09 - The first of a series of new adventures called Priority Exports are now available. Find this in the Publications/Trade Division / Adventures area.

News of 2008

01 Mar 08 - Ship status sheets for all of the French and Freihafen vessels have been added. Find this in the Intelligence Services Section (ISS) / Registry of Stellar Shipping area.

News of 2007

21 Jan 07 - Ship status sheets for all of the British vessels have been added. Find this in the Intelligence Services Section (ISS) / Registry of Stellar Shipping area.

20 Jan 07 - I have corrected some broken links for ship status sheets in the Commercial Vessels section. There are some minor contnt tweaks to the military vessels pages for America and Australia. Ship status sheets for Bavarian, Brazilian, and British vessels have been added. Find this all in the Intelligence Services Section (ISS) / Registry of Stellar Shipping area.

13 Jan 07 - I have added ship status sheets for Anzania, Argentina, and some for Australia. Find this in the Intelligence Services Section (ISS) / Registry of Stellar Shipping area.

09 Jan 07 - I have completed and corrected the ship status sheets for American warships. Find this in the Intelligence Services Section (ISS) / Registry of Stellar Shipping area.

News of 2006

04 Sep 06 - Updates have been made to the Intelligence Services Section (ISS) / Registry of Stellar Shipping. I have put a couple of deck plans in the Commercial Vessels section. I have also added Ship Status Sheets for some of the Commercial Vessels and some American Military Vessels. These ship status sheets come in two flavours; standard Star Cruiser and my variant, Alternative Component Hit Values.

05 Mar 06 - This is the first update in almost a year, and it's a big one! For the last six months, I have been working on a project relating to the astrography of the game universe. I have taken the Near Star List and expanded it significantly to include all of the stars within 60 light years of Sol. Now available are printable maps, star listings, travel route listings, and a couple of circulars that explain what I did in more detail. Check it all out in the Publications / Information Division section!

News of 2005

17 Apr 05 - I have added the French light carrier Albatros To the Registry of Stellar Shipping section. This is a design used in the SCL-Invasion campaign.

News of 2004

06 Jan 04 - I've added a new circular, SC-R01, that presents alternative hit points for some components in Star Cruiser. This helps make ship designs more unique. There is a PDF file in the Forms section with a blank Ship Status Sheet to go along with these rules changes.

30 Dec 03 - It has been about 8 months since this site was updated. Is it dead? No, it isn't. It has just taken that long to resolve the latest turn in my Star Cruiser Lite-Invasion PBEM campaign. Real life has definitely cut into my gaming and hobby time, resulting in a general reduction in web time. Still, there are some updates to announce... Turn 4 of the SCL-I campaign is available in the PBEM section. Also, several new ships have been posted to the Ships of the Arms section. In early 2004, a new section on Maps will be populated.

27Dec03 - As of this date, 9133 hits to this site.

News of 2003

19 Apr 03 - It has been over a year since I have updated the 2300AD section of this website. Why so long, you ask? Not due to a lack of creativity, I can assure you. My gaming focus over the last year has been on my Star Cruiser Lite-Invasion PBEM campaign and it will continue to be for the forseeable future. Turn 3 has just wrapped up and the game is still going strong... bloody, but strong. In support of the PBEM, there are several new ship designs in the Ships of the Arms section.

31Dec02 - As of this date, 7166 hits to this site.

News of 2002

31Mar02 - A new circular has been added. Circular SC-E10 Determining Maximum Volumes from Target Profiles came about after I was checking a ship design for Rob Montgomery. This circular provides a basis for calculating dimensions and volumes of existing designs.

29Mar02 - Its been about 9 months since I have last updated the main 2300AD section. This update has several new ship designs: Adelaide-class destroyer (Australia), Picardie-class cruiser (France), Negro-class fighter (Argentina), Beijing -class battleship (Manchuria), and the Concorde-class system defense boat (America). All of these designs have been a result of my SCL-Invasion campaign.

29Mar02 - As of this date, 5479 hits to this site.

News of 2001

09Dec01 - No updates in the main 2300AD section in six months! What has happened? Well, real life has taken up a lot of time. The little bit of free time I do have has been put into my SCL PBEM on behind the scenes stuff. I will start updating this section again, starting in January 2002.

13May01 - The recent discussion on canon has prompted me to dig out a post I had made to the Etranger Mailing List and re-post it to the 2300 Mailing List. Reading it over, I realized that it would make a good addition to the Circulars section of the Publications / Information Division. Check out Circular BG-01 What is Canon?

06May01 - I have added a new section, Pi3 Orionis PBEM Support, under the Intelligence Services Section. In April, I joined Ben Levy's excellent colonisation campaign, taking over the interest of Giron-Kemi Metall (GKM). This section provides information on GKM, as well as other works relating to the Pi3 Orionis PBEM.

31Mar01 - I have added a new section, Circulars, under the Publications / Information Division section. This new section will contain short essays (circulars) on various topics of the game universe. The first circular, SC-06A, on starship design is now available.

10Mar01 - Some new content! The Punyuang-class Manchurian fighter has been added to the Ships of the Arms section. Three Japanese designs, the Soaring Dove, Arrows of Nykai and the Rainbow Sword-class fighters. These are the first small crafts designed with my Generic Small Craft Designer (v1.1), an Excel spreadsheet that I hammered out last weekend.

14Feb01 - Andy Goddard, who is the keeper of the 2300AD Webring announced today that he would be dissolving the ring due to concerns with how Yahoo! was managing Webring since they took it over. As an alternative, KevinC of Pentapod's World has volunteered to maintain a central / master links page for the on-line 2300AD community. Hence, the new graphic on the Main Door.

27Jan01 - It's been a while since I updated my webpages... a long while. This is due to a few pre-occupations as of late, namely: my attempt to run a PBEM campaign, the StillwellChronicles, which is limping along; my commitment to Bryn Monnery to run ground combat for his current SCLS (Star Cruiser Lite Strategic), which has involved a lot more preparation work than I imagined; and of course, real life(tm) and all its associated items. So... what's in store for Foxx Industries this year? I don't know yet. I'm shying away from hard commitments at this time. What I will say is that there will be more than last year.

01Jan01 - As of this date, 3360 hits to this site.

News of 2000

24 Sep 00 - More updates to the PBEM section. The major update was updating the information about each of the team members with some more text and a listing of skills. Also, a paragraph about Project Leader Rastan was added under the Tango-7 personalities section.

10 Aug 00 - Updated the personalities of Tango-7 and added a section on the various station duty schedules / shifts for the PBEM section.

05 Aug 00 - Added a deck print of Lounge 1 to the PBEM section. Also updated the personalities section.

26 Jul 00 - Added a list of the personalities aboard Tango-7 that the characters have either met or heard about to the PBEM section.

04 Jul 00 - No new content, but the PBEM section was split into separate pages to speed up loading and the menu sections were changed a bit.

22 Apr 00 - Added key deck plans of the Bessel-class mining vessel to the PBEM section. Chapters 6 and 7 of the Stillwell Chronicles were added; thanks again to the PBEM's self-appointed secretariate, Joakim Bergqwist!

04 Apr 00 - Added a deck plan of the Alloy-class lander to the PBEM section.

30 Mar 00 - Added a rough PDF print of Tango-7 to the PBEM section. Deck layouts, etc. are on their way.

26 Mar 00 - System data files for Mining System Omega Three have been added to the PBEM section. Two civilian ships have been added to the Ships of the Arms section, the Alloy -class modular lander and the Bessel-class mining vessel. These two craft will be utilized in the PBEM campaign.

23 Feb 00 - Some additions to the PBEM section: The character section has been updated, and a section on the crew of the Crystal Marble with character Watch assignments has been added. Joakim Bergqwist's Chapters 4 and 5 were added as well as a timeline summary of the debris field search of TS-A1. The Links to Other 2300AD Establishments page has also been updated.

03 Feb 00 - Chapter 3 of the Stillwell Chronicles is up under the PBEM section. Thanks again to Joakim Bergqwist for his efforts.

03 Feb 00 - I have added two RTF files chronicling the progress of the PBEM. These were collated by Joakim Bergqwist, who took the time to put the various postings into chronological order. Additional chapters will be added as the game progresses.

24 Jan 00 - I have updated the Threat and Military Intervention Assessment section of ISS with another weekly update. This section of the website kind of fizzled last year, but I will continue to make periodic additions to it.

23 Jan 00 - I have updated the PBEM section with physical descriptions of the characters.

16 Jan 00 - I have updated the PBEM section with a description of the passenger area of the Crystal Marble.

10 Jan 00 - I have updated my PBEM section with the address of the mailing list and the rules on posting. The game gets underway this week and will consume a good portion of my on-line time.

02 Jan 00 - Welcome to the third year of the Foxx Industries website! As of 01 Jan 00, 1700 visitors had visited the site. I thank everyone for popping in to take a look. Last year's news has been archived and is available at the above link. I have added the adventure introduction to my PBEM campaign to the site. Response was very good with nine players expressing interest. The game proper will get underway very soon.

News of 1999

26 Dec 99 - Happy Holidays to all. I have taken advantage of the free time of the holiday season to try something new - refereeing a PBEM campaign for 2300AD. In connection with this venture, I will be using part of this site to support the campaign, starting with the posting of the general background of the universe at the on-set of the campaign. This can all be found under the Publications / Information Division.

02 Dec 99 - The German Bavaria-class battleship is now up in the Ships of the Arms section.

28 Nov 99 - A few minor modifications to the British Admiral-class carrier were made. I was checking the design on my computer spreadsheet and noticed that the hull hits were too high. A bit of tweaking followed with the modified version now being posted. The British Nelson-class cruiser is also up. I designed this as being an older ship, now removed from the limelight of being a flag ship.

13 Nov 99 - The Pennsylvania-class American battleship has finally been posted.

11 Nov 99 - Minor update of housekeeping on the Links to Other 2300AD Establishments page. I checked the links to make sure they were valid and I added comments to mark those that were inactive. If you have a 2300AD website and would like me to provide a link to it on my links page, e-mail me with the URL and a short description of your site. I would prefer to link to your home/index page (whatever the entrance to your site is), as I am totally opposed to content linking.

31 Oct 99 - I changed the TO&E graphics fromGIF to BMP format on the advice of KevinC, who told me that Netscape browers will not display BMP files directly. My thanks to KevinC for pointing this out to an Internet Explorer person such as myself.

30 Oct 99 - Those who checked the site between 18 and 30 October may have noted that the items announced in this column on 18 Oct 99 were not actually there. I held off posting the new material to my website as I wanted to toss up a few other things as well, such as a revised TO&E for the IMS Infantry Regiments, and new TO&Es for the Hover Combat and Hover Service Regiments, and Armor, Mechanized, Reconnaissance, Fire Support, and Combat Walker Battalions. Also, I have added a sub-listing to the Intelligence Services Section on standard military unit symbols. Feel free to copy this windows bitmap and use it to design your own pictoral TO&Es. It's easy to use with MS Paint if you use the zoom feature for detail work. Based on discussions on the etranger 2300 List, I have taken a renewed interest in the military side of Foxx Industries and have been busy reviewing and revising those aspects.

18 Oct 99 - Its been six months since I posted any new content to my site, so it's definately overdue for something... anything. Up this time is the IS-6 Combat Walker, developed for IMS by Caledonian Combat Systems. You can find the IS-6 under the Armaments/Defense Division. I have also made a few minor formatting changes to all the pages, but the content on those pages remains the same.

22 Aug 99 - The SCL PBEM support page has been updated with the Turn 4 Results for Ground Forces. This is preliminary and is subject to the usual corrections provided by the SCL List membership. As always, please check the accuracy and report any errors to me.

10 Aug 99 - The SCL PBEM support page has been updated. Minor revisions to Turn 4 (Dec02) Movement and preliminary Turn 4 (Dec02) results based on SCL List traffic. Please check the accuracy and report any errors to me.

27 Jul 99 - The list of fleet commanders for each nation involved in the SCL PBEM has been corrected based on input received. Please check the accuracy and report any errors to me.

21 Jul 99 - The list of fleet commanders for each nation involved in the SCL PBEM is up. Please check the accuracy and report any errors to me.

20 Jul 99 - The chronological history (maps and force compositions) of the current SCL PBEM campaign is now up in its entirety under the Intelligence Services Section. You can now look back at the game and watch it unfold turn by turn from Sep02. The last bit to be put on will be a listing of the various fleet and Theater commanders for each nation. Many thanks to Bryn Monnery and the various players for their input and corrections.

16 Jul 99 - SCL PBEM Turn 4 movement maps and related force compositions are now up.

12 Jul 99 - Its been a while since the last update. Byrn Monnery is running a very ambitious Star Cruiser PBEM using his home-grown rules called Star Cruiser Light (SCL). I am playing the DSKM Task Force Bavaria and as a sideline, I have been mapping the fleet and ground force movements in conjunction with the force compositions. I have put the latest "intel" for the results of turn 3 - Nov02 up on my site under the Intelligence Services Section. In the coming days, I will post movement for the current turn, 4, and the "intel" for turns 1 and 2 for a historical perspective. Please e-mail if you spot any errors.

06 Apr99 - The Weekly threat & Military Intervention Assessments sub-section has been updated. The last two weeks of entries have been added. Hopefully, the Pennsylvania -class American battleship that I've been revising will make it to the site towards the end of this week.

On a different note, I am thinking of starting a small e-mail campaign and are looking for volunteers. The campaign will center on a small group of PCs that serve aboard an IMS Naval Reserve vessel. Though not formally part of IMS, they report to IMS HQ and have access to IMSand Foxx Industries resources. The campaign will start in the Alpha Centauri system and progress to the Arms. Military and Space Crew skills are an asset, but well-rounded characters will fair better. If you are interested, send a reply to .

04 Apr 99 - Thanks goes out to KevinC, who sent me a GIF file of the computer network for Death By Courier that is much smaller and more clear to read. The new file is comp.gif.

03 Apr 99 - I've missed another Weekly threat & Military Intervention Assessments update. However, that was due to my energy being spent getting a new subsection up and on the site. The Adventures subsection of the Information / Publications Division is now on-line and an adventure, Death By Courier has been posted. For those who may want to download the HTML there are four parts to it - death.htm, deathnpc.htm, deathcpu.htm, and designer.htm. There is also one picture for it, comp.jpg.

22 Mar 99 - The Weekly threat & Military Intervention Assessments sub-section has been updated.

16 Mar 99 - My Visitor ID Badge Number counter seems to have disappeared. In actual fact, Siteflow, which provided the counter seems to have disappeared. Therefore, I have gotten another counter, from WebCounter. I last saw my counter at aroun 690, so I'll start this one off at 700.

15 Mar 99 - The Weekly threat & Military Intervention Assessments sub-section has been updated. I missed the update last week, so there are actually two this time.

01 Mar 99 - The Weekly threat & Military Intervention Assessments sub-section has been updated.

28 Feb 99 - I have added MS Excel 95 files of my missile design sequence. I haven't tried them so please e-mail me if there is a compatibility issue.

23 Feb 99 - The Weekly threat & Military Intervention Assessments sub-section has been updated. I was supposed to do this yesterday, but I wasn't able to get it on-line.

21 Feb 99 - I've checked the design of my Berkut-class destroyer and made a few minor changes to correct some math errors - nothing major. Then, I revamped the design with Foxx Industries group of companies technologies, primarily the weapons suite. I have classed this the Mk2 and have expanded both the write up and the stats to include this new variant. I have also added a new subsection on designs to the Publications / Information section. A Star Cruiser missile design sequence for detonation missiles is available for downloading from here.

15 Feb 99 - The Weekly threat & Military Intervention Assessments sub-section has been updated.

08 Feb 99 - The Weekly threat & Military Intervention Assessments sub-section has been updated.

01 Feb 99 - The Weekly threat & Military Intervention Assessments sub-section has been updated.

31 Jan 99 - I've checked my Links to Other 2300AD Establishments page and updated the links as required. I have also requested links to several new sites and are awaiting the owners' replies. If your 2300AD site is not on my Links to Other 2300AD Establishments page, and you would like a link, please contact me at

26 Jan 99 - The Weekly threat & Military Intervention Assessments sub-section has been updated.

24 Jan 99 - Wombat Defense Systems announces a new, modular missile series. Using the article by Karl Bergman, these are some home grown missiles that I developed for use by IMS space vessels. Maxil Export Systems has also added a new product line; drones. I will be adjusting the IMS space vessel designs to reflect this change. Check out the new missiles and drones under the Armaments / Defense Division section.

18 Jan 99 - Welcome to the second year of the Foxx Industries website! Last year's news is available at the above link. New this year is the Weekly Threat & Military Intervention Assessments from the Military Intelligence Section of the ISS. These items are presented as information for referees about Foxx Industries and 2300, as well as providing some possible adventure hooks.

News of 1998

20 Dec 98 - Added the French Napoleon-class Battleship and a link to the Tiegra-class Bulk Commodity Freighter on the Ship's of the Arms sub-menu.

03 Dec 98 - I'm still organizing my files and I came across a bulk commodity freighter that I had designed a while back. I've tweaked the design and it is up under the commerical vessels section of Ships of the Arms.

01 Dec 98 - I'm trying to organize my papers relating to 2300AD and sorting out my disk files of everything I've done so site updates should be fairly frequent for a while. On this update, I've revised the stats and write-up for the Amaray-class lander used by IMS. I went through the original design and checked it over for soundness and also added a Mk.III variant with a WDS-111 laser so that the design is now entirely in-house. Next on the list is the Berkut-class destroyer that is slated for design tweaking.

29 Nov 98 - I've added the Airborne Combat Regiment TO&E with organization chart and updated the IMS Infantry Regiment TO&E with an organizational chart graphic; all under the IMS section.

28 Nov 98 - Updated the Companies of the Corporation sub-section of the Corporate Information section with an summary entry for Maxil Export Solutions. Updated the IMS rank insignias - thanks to KevinC for re-drawing the graphics and sending me the HTML code. I have also made some minor changes to the HTML code on the pages - but no content changes unless noted on the Reception Screen.

22 Nov 98 - Added a new company, Maxil Export Solutions, to the Armaments / Defense Division. MES produces deep space autonomous weapon systems, including the autonomous sentinel launcher.

11 Nov 98 - The Marshal Foch-class French destroyer has been added to the Ships of the Arms section.

10 Nov 98 - The San Francisco-class American frigate has been added to the Ships of the Arms section as I strive to fill in some of the title-only portions of that section. Next will be the Marshall Foch-class destroyer.

08 Nov 98 - Some minor housekeeping on the site. I have changed the flag for the Confederation of Palestine to one that Richard Spake designed - its much better and encompasses part of the flag of Lebanon, which I hadn't. The Links page has been updated and I finally got the IMS command rank ensignia graphic to show up.

31 Oct 98 - Added a new company, Proton Power Technologies, to the Interstellar Trade Division. Some minor updates to internal links and a minor update to the Military section of the Switzerland GGII page based on an e-mail from Richard Spake.

15 Oct 98 - The site is back up, at yet another new server (required due to my moving across international borders). There is no new content yet, but some minor inconsistencies have been corrected. A real update is coming soon.

23 Aug 98 - The GGII support page for the Confederation of Palestine has been updated with a few corrections and some background text. This concludes my planned updates of the GGII countries that I am hosting (Rajasthan, Switzerland, and the Confederation of Palestine). I will now be focussing on Foxx Industries again.

08 Aug 98 - I have updated my GGII support page for Switzerland with some informative background text and the inclusion of Leichtenstein, as per an e-mail I received from John H. Bogan Jr. of the GGII team. The Confederation of Palestine is next, and I hope to complete it by the end of the month or the first week of September.

01 Aug 98 - I have updated my GGII support page for the Indian State of Rajasthan with some additional text to provide background and fleshing out. Switzerland will be updated in the coming week, followed by the Confederation of Palestine towards the end of the month.

25 Jul 98 - The IMS Enlistment Requirements is now up. This covers enlistment, skill upgrading, functions and designations, rank and uniforms. I'll be modifying this soon, to clean it up and tie it in with the space forces that I'm working on.

08 Jul 98 - An article on Earth's Orbital Quarantine Command is up under the Intelligence Services Section. I have also added some forms under the Publications / Information Division. These are zipped MS Excel and Word 97 versions so I have included a link to Microsoft where you can download file viewers for those who do not have the applications. The GGII support page for Switzerland has had a small change in the Military Budget section; the percentage allocated to wet navy has been changed to space navy.

28 Jun 98 - Some major changes have taken place on the site, concerning support for the upcoming GG II. First off, the pages have been completed (if there ever is such a thing in this dynamic media) with maps, text, and data. For those interested solely in the GG II countries, there is a direct link on the homepage to a GG II menu page. This GG II menu page may also be accessed via the main site under the Intelligence Services Section (ISS) of the Reception Screen. Note that you can no longer access the individual countries from the Reception Screen, just the GG II menu page. Because I would like visitors to experience the entire site, the only link from the GG II support pages to the main Foxx Industries site is back to the homepage. If you went there from the Reception Screen, use your browser's back feature to return to the main site.

19 Jun 98 - I have been selected to participate in the GGII run by Steve Alexander, et. al. and have been given the countries of Switzerland, Palestine, and Rajasthan (one of the many state-countries in former India). Web pages for these three countries may be accessed under the Intelligence Services Section (ISS) of the Reception Screen. Nothing is there yet, but something will show up before the end of the month.

08 Jun 98 - I have added a counter to the front page and a guest book.

01 Jun 98 - Foxx Industries is back on-line, after having been off-line for about six weeks due to my being transferred to a different division of the company. The server is different too, so the web counters probably do not work - to be repaired later.

11 Apr 98 - I've made some cosmetic changes to the site - I won't upload the site until I have new content to add, later this week.

06 Apr 98 - I have added a page to the IMS section detailing the composition of the corporate Infantry Regiments. I'll be adding more to this section in the near future. I have also updated my Links to Other 2300AD Establishments page. If your 2300 AD site is not yet on my links page, e-mail me at with the URL and a short (1-3) sentence description of your site and I'll add it to the list.

05 Apr 98 - I opened up the page for the Defense / Armaments Division with a write-up on Wombat Defense Systems, a starship armaments company whose weapons systems appear on some of the Star Cruiser designs in the Ship's of the Arms section. I have also added Companies of the Corporation to the Corporate Information section. This gives a bit of background on the companies mentioned on the site, and will be expanded as I flesh them out and introduce new ones. As well, I have indicated which sections on the Reception Screen are new / updated, as well as the date of the last update of this section.

28 Mar 98 - It's been a while since I updated my site due to delays caused by family and work. I have finished the re-design of my British ships that I used for the Star Cruiser scenario All or Nothing and posted them here. The last of these, which I finished today was the the Nelson, an Admiral-class carrier which has been added to my Cruisers and Carriers page, fixing the 'bad' link. The Robust -class British destroyer has also undergone some minor changes. Now that I have finished the entries for Royal Space Navy, I will be leaving Star Cruiser ship designs for a while. Next on my list is an adventure that my wife and I wrote in 1993. Unfortunately, the document did not survive conversion from WordPerfect to Word, so some major editing and re-typing is in order before it gets posted. I have some other minor projects on the go, so the next update should be within two weeks.

24 Feb 98 - The Links to Other 2300AD Establishments section has been updated. I have re-arranged the Ships of the Arms section for military ships by separating the pages by class (frigate, destroyer, etc.). I have added several new military ships to the Ships of the Arms section. These additions have been slowed by the process of checking and re- designing some vessels to correct errors and changes in my perceptions of NAM rules. I hope to have the other vessels that are listed in title only up by the end of the month.

03 Feb 98 - I have added a Star Cruiser scenario set during the Kafer invasion of the French Arm. It uses two new ship classes, the British Robust -class destroyer and the German Rotterdam-class destroyer. Both appear in the Ships of the Arms section. I have also adjusted the hull hit capacities of my vessels based on the formulas presented by KevincC on the 2300 AD Mailing List on 10 Oct 1997. Small craft use the square root of the armor level and large craft use the cube root of the armor level; in place of the armor level to the first power.

24 Jan 98 - My links page is up, though I'm still adding to it. If your 2300 AD site is not on my links page, e-mail me at with the URL and a short (1-3) sentence description of your site and I'll add it to the list.

23 Jan 98 - I'm in the process of joining the 2300AD web ring, and I should be tied into it in a few days.

17 Jan 98 - Some minor revisions based on feed back provided by those who checked out the site. Added Star Cruiser stats and design notes to the Ships of the Arms section.

12 Jan 98 - Some minor errors were corrected and the information counter on the reception screen page was removed. Thanks go out to KevinC for checking things over for me.

11 Jan 1998 - Foxx Industries enters the World Wide Web. I've been busy coding in information about the corporation for the last two weeks, and I am about a third of the way through. This has been a good experience so far, and it has given me a forum in which to tie together some strings and tangent projects into something whole. Coming next will be some forms for down-loading along with the Star Cruiser Ship Status Sheets for the vessels already posted, all in MS Excel format. After that will be some military vessels for the Ship's of the Arm database, and more details about my pet project, IMS. I also have an adventure that I'll be posting, once I convert it from WordPerfect to MS Word format.

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