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IMS Ground Forces - Combat Walker Battalions


In 2298, IMS started receiving the production model of the combat walker produced by Caledonian Combat Systems. Due to the low production rate, these walkers were pooled into a temporary holding unit and attached to other units as required for the duration of the various missions undertaken. By 2301, the number of walkers in service was sufficient that a formal TO&E could be adopted.

Under the TO&E for combat walkers, the walkers were to grouped into battalion sized unit. Each battalion consists of 128 walkers organized into three companies of 40 walkers and a battalion command section of eight walkers. Each company consists of three platoons of 12 walkers and a company command squad of four walkers. Each platoon is broken down into three squads of four walkers each.

Unit Identification

Combat Walker battalions are classified by a numerical designation and the system in which they were formed, in the following format.

xxxCW Bn (system)

Where xxx is a numerical designation for the regiment, and indicates the chronological order of formation of the battalions,commencing from 10 and system indicates the star system in which the battalion was mustered.

For example, the 11CW Bn (Sol) was the first combat walker battalion to enter service with IMS, and was formed in the Sol system.

Organization Chart

combat walker organization chart


Unit Detail

The largest combat walker unit deployed to date has been of platoon strength. This situation will remain until 2305 when production will achieve TO&E requirements.

The combat walker platoon is the largest unit of walkers likely to be encountered in the battlefield. Due to the special abilities of combat walkers, they are frequently used as mobile fire support for conventional infantry and a platoon is often attached to an infantry battalion.

Each squad of four walkers is composed of two binoms that are trained to work and fight together. The first binom of each squad is led by a sergeant, except for the first binom of the first squad, which is led by the platoon leader, a lieutenant. The other soldiers in the binoms are either sergeants, corporals, or private first class in rank.


As of 2301, IMS has five Combat Walker companies organized into two battalions. Units are deployed from their parent battalions as required to augment other forces, typically conventional infantry. Combat Walkers can be found in HCRs as attached units utilizing special hovercraft for rapid deployment.

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