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This section includes forms relating to cartography and development of worlds in 2300AD.

System Profile (6 KB)

This is an Excel 97 form similar to that found in the sourcebook Invasion © 1988 by Far Future Enterprises (FFE). It allows for easily recording of system data and is a must for those exploring new systems or mapping those already found.


This section includes forms relating to the role-playing components of 2300AD.

Character Record Sheet - version 6 (8 KB)

This is an Excel 97 two page form that goes beyond the standard form by providing space for character development, including appearance, work history, passport information, and financial data. In addition, all skills are provided and categorized by group, allowing a simple, fill-in- the-number approach to skill documenting. It also proves useful to new players during the character generation stage by showing all possible standard skills that are available.

Star Cruiser

This section includes forms relating to Star Cruiser, a tactical board game about space combat in 2300AD.

Star Cruiser Status Sheet version 2 (alternative hit values) (74 KB) PDF document

Star Cruiser Status Sheet (20 KB)

This is an Excel 97 file that contains status sheets for both large and small ships (in terms of hull hit capacities). A sample of the Ukrainian Kiev-class destroyer is provided. These forms are based on those provided in the Star Cruiser boxed game, but have been expanded to meet the needs of the modern vessel by allowing rapid modification of the sheet on a case by case basis. Adding additional missile bays or hanger decks is easily accomplished with a few cut, copy and paste operations in Excel.

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